Denver Attorney Mark Berumen Can Effectively Advise Clients And Deliver Results

mark berumen

Seeking professional legal services is rarely a choice made without much contemplation. You could be headed toward life-changing decisions with legal implications, so it’s crucial to retain proven professionals in your area who’ll get the results you deserve. With Denver attorney Mark Berumen on your side, even the most complicated bankruptcy, family law and criminal cases can be made sense of. That’s because Mr. Berumen spent years as a legislative counsel for a former U.S. senator, entered the private sector and worked for two recognizable corporations before launching his own professional services corporation. The above examples merely provide a cursory glimpse of the resources on your side when you trust Mr. Berumen, who has been admitted to Colorado’s state bar association, Colorado’s federal court as well as the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals.

Attorney Mark Berumen’s successful career in legal matters began with the Sturm College of Law at the University of Denver. It wasn’t long after that he would begin his satisfying career as legislative counsel for former U.S. Sen. Olympia J. Snowe. He would eventually advise Snowe, who left office in 2013, on aviation, energy, labor and employment issues as well as during the impeachment trial of Bill Clinton. Following the culmination of that case, Mr. Berumen would head back to Colorado and work for both Frontier Airlines and Qwest Communications. In these roles, Denver attorney Mark Berumen put his legal acumen to use by handling internal matters. With Qwest, Berumen was responsible for responding to lawsuits filed against the company and filing those responses with the United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and Civil Rights boards across the country.

After these satisfying and enlightening stints, Mr. Berumen decided in 2006 that it was time to launch his own practice – where the motto and mission is always, “Your Gateway to a Fresh Start.” When you come to Berumen Law Firm, P.C. with claims or allegations against someone else, the dedicated legal team goes to work. Other areas of practice include litigation stemming from divorce, custody, employment law, personal injury cases. We encourage you to visit this website often for the latest on Denver attorney Mark Berumen and his take on current legal issues.